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Why Enigmelisma?

So this is me, taking a new adventure.

First of all... hi! Welcome to pretty much the best music site you will ever experience... okay, maybe not yet, but it will be.

Second - hire me! I can do lots of things... all things musical... let me know how I can satisfy your musical needs!

Finally, to the point of "Enigmelisma"... This is a word I portmanteau'd using the words "enigma" and "melisma"... I like it. I made it up when I was feeling a particular amount of unrequited love in college and I had to fill that space with something creative. So I started looking for words that I felt really described me and I shoved them together.

As time has passed, I've come to appreciate this term more and more. Perhaps I should explain what it all means...

So a "melisma" is a musical term describing the act of singing a long (usually decorative) row of notes on a single syllable of a word. We see this phenomenon (doot dooo, doo doo doot) a lot in opera, Christmas carols and Christina Aguilera. An "enigma" is a mystery, a riddle, a paradox... So an "enigmelisma" is a row of notes that is sort of mysterious... sort of paradoxical... you never really know what's coming next... and yet they are all connected by this one syllable. No matter how diverse or angular or seemingly random these notes get, they are always connected to each other.

This is life. A row of experiences... sometimes deliberate, sometimes seemingly random and ornate. But these experiences are all connected for that one person who has them. No one's enigmelisma is anything like anyone else's. At times our enigmelismas cross or run parallel, and at other times they clash and threaten to derail one other. But we can never step outside that one syllable that is our entire life... and we can never predict its direction perfectly.

So again, this is me... taking a new adventure.

Let's make music together.


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