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Welcome to Michael J Weaver Music!

My goal here is to provide various musical services that are professional, uplifting and beautiful. Click around the site, see what interests you, and come back tomorrow and see what's different. Then let me know how I can serve you best.

Let's make music together.

How I Got Here

Okay! So it's all working so far! I've got a new gig in Philly (though the show is in Norristown) - I'll be spending the next few weeks piano-ing at some rehearsals for New Cavern's production of The Who's Tommy. I am super excited - the staff seem like really great people, and are all really talented on paper - and I'm honored that they're trusting that I am too. The show goes up July 11-27.

In the mean time, life has just been crazy in general... let me explain to you all how I got here...

For the past two years I've been working two part-time jobs into the equivalent of one full-time job. It's worked out pretty well so far. I am the Youth Director at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Laurel Springs, NJ, and I teach music a few days a week over at Bethel Prep Classical Christian Academy in Sewell, NJ. Well at the end of this school year (June 13), Bethel Prep will be closing its doors for good, leaving me without that second bit of income that has helped my wife and I maintain some sort of financial comfort. We're still stable, the bills will continue to get paid. We just have a bit less wiggle room than we'd like to have (read: zero wiggle room).

So here comes this website. This is basically the wiggle room website. (Not a room for The Wiggles though. That would be neat, but completely different.) This is where I hope to sell my musical services and compositions for money that can be put towards savings and surprise expenses and taxes. This is what I hope will become a conduit of creativity for not only myself, but anyone who comes across these pages. Because my hope here is not only that this can become a livelihood for me, but that I can affect and inspire the people I am blessed enough to work with. So what do you think?

Let's make music together.



PS - Did anyone know that The Wiggles have a girl now? I had no idea!

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