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Working with Teenagers

It's official.

This post puts me over the 3-blog-slump.

73% of new blogs end after 3 posts. But not this one.

Also, 64% of statistics are made up.

Do I have any proofreaders out there? Could you take a look at this site and let me know where I am clear/where I am unclear/where I've used poor grammar/anything like that?

I am working on testimonials and video clips and other cool things to post around the site... but if my first impression is "that guy can't even put a thought together," then I'm done even before I've started!

In the mean time, I start rehearsals Monday for Tommy - It's going to be fun fitting everything into the schedule for a bit, but it's so worth it!

Next Sunday is Youth Sunday at my church. Since I'm the Youth Leader, the powers that be pretty much say "hey... we're not doing anything for church... it's up to you." So that's fun. We had our big rehearsal and it was epic and crazy and spontaneous and teenager-y. (All fine qualities a director looks for in their final rehearsal...) But here's what I've learned about working with teenagers: They will be unfocused messes for pretty much every rehearsal. Their minds are just not in it... they're thinking about a cute girl... or a cute guy... or what they're going to eat later... or who they need to get back at later... But as soon as there is a group of people watching them, they get serious all of a sudden.

Crazy rehearsals used to scare me. There was a time when a meeting like the one we had tonight would keep me up half the night. I'd be wondering if maybe we need to have an emergency meeting on Saturday. But when it comes down to it, teenagers can be trusted when they are representing themselves. They don't want to look foolish. So they do everything in their power to make sure they don't. This doesn't mean they don't get a little zany... it just means it's a little more polished, a little more controlled... which just makes for a better experience for everybody.

So I'm thankful for all the young people I get to work with. They are constantly blowing my mind with the questions they have and the things that are important to them. I think when they stop blowing my mind it will be time to retire... but I don't see that happen any time soon.

Make music with a teenager this week. :-)


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