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My goal here is to provide various musical services that are professional, uplifting and beautiful. Click around the site, see what interests you, and come back tomorrow and see what's different. Then let me know how I can serve you best.

Let's make music together.

What is Engraving?

So a lot of you who have visited my site have been thinking that I'm doing some music... and also working at the mall at Things Remembered... Which is sort of amazing... but not quite it.

The concept of Music Engraving comes from a time when written music would literally be engraved onto printing plates so that the music could be mass-produced. Nowadays, we still use the term to refer to professionally crafted written music.

Now there are certain rules for engraving music - and some of them I follow, and some I do not. When I "engrave" (I almost hate using that term, knowing how much skilled artisanship went into the actual engraving process), I am looking less to follow the strict rules and more to focus on sheer beauty. Engraved music is absolutely gorgeous, and I am learning new tricks all the time that help me reproduce that beauty as faithfully and devotedly as possible.

I would absolutely love to learn all the different hands-on arts that go into music... instrument creation and repair, piano tuning and wood-working, music engraving... But I think I need an apprenticeship to learn these things, and there just aren't that many people anymore willing and able to take someone on like that! Maybe I can just learn from YouTube videos.... :-/

Ah, well. In the end, the reason I do this is because there is so much terrible sheet music out there... and I've played a lot of it. And it's such a shame, because the music (once it is finally deciphered and played) is usually pretty good. It's just the written score that is horrendous. My aim is to venture into this poor, terrifying place full of "computer glitches" and negligence and bring beauty back into it.

Let's make music beautiful together,


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