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New Music Tuesday - Buy This Song!

So New Music Monday has just become New Music Tuesday!! (mostly because Monday is a better day for uploading...meaning it won't be ready until Tuesday...)

So this week's "New Music Tuesday" is one for organ... don't have an organ? Play it with some friends... An oboe, two clarinets and a bassoon should do great with this one... (because those are easier to find than an organ...)

"All Creatures of Our God and King" is a hymn that has been around for a while... a few hundred years, really. Based on a poem written by Francis of Assissi in 1225, it wouldn't be until the early 20th Century that the words were translated into the English text we know today by William H. Draper. The text has traditionally been set to the tune of a German Easter hymn written by Friedrich Spee in 1623; this is the tune that this arrangement is based upon.

This tune was originally written one day when I was preparing to substitute for our church organist. I needed an Offertory and I couldn't find anything I liked, so I stumbled upon this arrangement. From the site description:

This familiar hymn arranged for organ can be used as a meditation at any point during a worship service, or as a feature piece for an intermediate player. Growing out of a single note, verse one is supported by a constantly flowing fourth motif in the left hand, while verse two becomes more playfully contrapuntal. Enjoy!

This piece can be downloaded and enjoyed by any organist (or random quartet you've thrown together...) here!

Let's make music together.


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