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New Music Tuesday 6/24 - Band Edition

Hellooooo Band Directors! (Or friends of Band Directors!)

I wrote a new song last week just for you! It's called "My Favorite Superhero", and it is about a level 2.5 for those in the know... Kinda late Elementary to Early Middle School band. From the site:

“My Favorite Superhero” begins with a big bombastic superhero theme that comes back several times (for ease of teaching and ease of playing). Between the repeats there are woodwind and low brass features supported by the percussion section.

There are plenty of instrument doubles, so you don’t have to worry about missing an instrument or two, and every part gets a chance to shine at some point or another.

I hope this becomes one of your band’s favorite songs this year

You can purchase the score and parts (and listen to a sample) HERE. Your $1.49 purchase also includes a license for unlimited performances for a year! Woohoo!

I hope you like it! (If you don't, comments, suggestions and criticisms are encouraged. Questions such as "WHY DID YOU NOT INCLUDE A HURDY-GURDY PART?" will receive responses such as "Just tune the drones to a Bb5 chord and play the Glockenspiel part in the appropriate octave." or "Here's a Hurdy-Gurdy part I wrote just for you." #ParenthesesWereLongerThanTheActualSentence #HashtagIncludedAnEntireSentence)

Let's make music together.


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