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I'm writing this between classes while The Planets suite by Holst plays over the sound system in the classroom. Why? Because I can. Also, because I got in late last night (when did 11pm become "late"?) after a great rehearsal with the cast of Tommy.

Walking in to lead a music rehearsal as the Asst. Music Director halfway through the production without having had the chance to look at the music beforehand can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, the cast is fantastic, and even though many of them were marking their parts last night while in learning mode, there was still an energy there that you can't fake. I am so honored to be a part of this production! You should totally come... details and ticket info are on the site... put "Weaver" into the promo code box and I get commission for selling you a ticket. :-D

So I have two music classes left. It's the end of this particular season of "Mr. Weaver". I do not know when or if I'll return to teaching in a school (it would have to be a private school since I do not have a certificate... just a bit of experience), but it's been so much fun and I've learned an awful lot about myself. (Sounds like next week's blog post...)

As usually happens with my life, I've got several things going on all at once. So I'm preparing for Youth Sunday at my church this Sunday, preparing my 3rd and 4th grade classes to sing at the end of year chapel service at school, assistant music directing a musical, and writing a message to give at our bonfire church service tomorrow... (you should totally come... and bring a side dish) and oh yeah... I've got a new wife and a new apartment to take care of... about 40 more thank-you notes to write and mail... and a cat. I do not like cats. But my wife does. ::sigh::

So I gotta get back to preparing for the rest of my day... I'll be rehearsing music pretty much straight through from now until 10pm tonight... another "late" night. And I love it. (Although I would love it more if I wasn't missing Taco Tuesday with my wife and parents!!)

Make some music with someone new today.


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