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My goal here is to provide various musical services that are professional, uplifting and beautiful. Click around the site, see what interests you, and come back tomorrow and see what's different. Then let me know how I can serve you best.

Let's make music together.


I was asked today if I'm just writing about random things for now.

The answer is "yes".

Somewhere along the way, I'll find my voice; I'll hit a stride. Then I'll be pumping out beautiful, topical posts that interest and inspire you. But for now, you're stuck with my random thoughts. Just so I can get used to writing every day.

Mostly because I crave routine.

I need to have something that I do every day. I'd like for this list to eventually include:

  • Exercise.
  • Write music.
  • Work on a video.
  • Call my mom. (okay.... maybe not every day... she'd get tired of me)
  • Transcribe or engrave some music (but need people to hire me to do that)

But for now, it's writing a short post on my thoughts. At the very least, it gives me some stability in a schedule that is kinda crazy. At most, these might even be remotely worth your time to read... If you are still reading these, good on you! The idea is that these will improve... in about 10,000 hours or so. I think that's how this is supposed to work...

So expect different things to show up here. from time to time. And if you like or don't like what I'm doing, let me know! It's the only way I'll be able to shape this thing from here on out.

Let's make music together.


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