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Breaking Routine

Hah. So I wrote a post about how important it was for me to keep doing this every night and then immediately took a couple days off... But now since I'm up far too late, I might as well write tonight!

So Youth Sunday is tomorrow (today) followed by a barbecue at my parents' house (don't worry, they know). As I said last week, it's thrilling to see what these young people come up with. But at the same time, we have really NO IDEA what they are going to do once they are standing in front of a crowd of people. There have been some great ideas this week... aand some not so good ones, and I only hope I've squashed enough of the bad ones.

So part of the reason that I am up so late tonight is because I have some terrible habits. I am an extreme procrastinator. I know... good thing to put on the website where you hope people will hire you, right? They might as well know that I know and I'm working to change it.

So a few days ago I listed the things that I want to add to my schedule. And that is great, except in order to do that there are a few things I need to take out of my schedule too. You can't possibly start something new and expect other things in your life not to suffer. A couple weeks ago I said "yes" to maintaining a web presence for myself, and other areas have taken a hit because of it. And most of the wrong ones. (For example... while I was working on this site, I really could have been working on Youth Sunday so I wouldn't be up so late the night before... oops.)

So here are some things I need to take OUT of my schedule (or at least reduce):

  • Excessive TV time
  • Mindlessly surfing the internet
  • Eating out (this is expensive on time, money AND health...)
  • Staying up so very late that I either have to sleep late to compensate or take naps during the day to catch up just to be productive
  • Leaving work to finish after Krystle gets home. I always intend to finish work in the evening, but then I get talking to Krystle and before I know it, it's bed time... leading to late nights... leading to the cycle starting all over again.

So there are my thoughts... I'll start Monday. ;-) And I'm going to need all of you to call me out if you see a late time-stamp on future blog posts. I mean that! (P.S. - there will be something new happening Monday- get ready!)

What do YOU need to cut out of your schedule so you can say "yes" to more important things?

Let's make music together.


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