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New Music Monday - Buy This Song!*

Update: Link added!

Okay - so here's my plan for Mondays... Every Monday I will feature a piece of music that I have written that you can buy and play! Only here's the catch... these are not recordings... If that was the case, we couldn't "make music together"!

So these will be sheets of music. You might need a piano... or an organ... or a band... or three cellos, an oboe and a hurdy-gurdy. Today's featured music is that of the latter variety!

Juust kidding. You can play this one yourself on the piano! This is a piece called Meditation #2, and it is a piece originally written during a late night "play the piano in the dark" sessions that I often hold for myself. From the song's description:

Beginning with a simple 5 note "waterlike" motive that continues to be used throughout the piece. Great for backround/meditative time, or as an intermediate concertpiece. Can be as short as 2:45 or longer, depending on your handling of repeats.

You can buy the music* to this piece and play it yourself any time you'd like! It could be particularly useful as a meditation or offertory in a church setting. A demo recording is coming soon, look out for it!

Let's make music together.


*PS - Learning curve alert... So eventually there will be a LINK to the song I am asking you to buy... buut the site that I am using likes to make sure I'm not uploading anything terrible before they allow it to be sold. Sooo,,, there WILL be a link on this page sometime soon, and in the future I will upload the song on Friday so I can link to it on Monday :-)


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