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Not Going Back This Year

For the first time in my life, I am disappointed not to be going back to school.

I have really enjoyed teaching, and thought maybe I'd find something between June and now, but nothing has surfaced. So I continue to write music (New Music Tuesdays should be coming back soon) and work with the Youth at my church, looking for other music-related gigs in the mean time (band teachers... I can make your score look beautiful!).

But it is surprising to me how much I miss it already, especially given how opposed I was to the idea of being "Mr. Weaver".

So not going back this year has to mean something different than "I'm not doing this".

Not going back to school means I have some time that I need to fill.

Now a lot of this time is being filled now by figuring out this whole marriage thing... food shopping, taking care of the apartment, cooking meals here and there... but there needs to be something else too.

Something creative.

Something new.

Something my wife and I have been discussing for far too long, and it might be time to go for it.


No, not a baby.

So if you're one of our creative-type friends... and we start asking you questions about what you do... bear with us. Too much free time = next stage commence.


Let's do something amazing together.


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