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My goal here is to provide various musical services that are professional, uplifting and beautiful. Click around the site, see what interests you, and come back tomorrow and see what's different. Then let me know how I can serve you best.

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Engraving Services

Check out my blog post: What is Engraving?

I believe that the way a song is printed should never get in the way of how a song is played. Good sheet music that is aesthetically pleasing allows for easy reading and inspires interpretation. Above all else, beautiful sheet music allows musicians to be musicians. This is what I have in mind when I am engraving printed music, and I can make your music look beautiful (and legible) too!

I use the latest version of Finale® to notate your music with love and care and Adobe InDesign to give your score a super-polished look. Sample pages from a piece I am currently working on can be viewed in the gallery below!

How much does this cost?

I charge $0.60 per notated measure.

What is a notated measure?

  • One measure on one staff that contains anything besides a whole rest
  • Two parts maximum are allowed to appear on one staff only if they are the same instrument. (Remember, we're going for ease of reading here)
  • Piano parts and other similar instruments will use multiple staves. (So 4 full measures of a piano part would actually be 8 notated measures)
  • This applies only to the full score - extracted parts are included at no extra charge

What is included in the cost?

  • Full score proofs
  • One round of corrections for anything you'd like to change/fix
  • Final full score and extracted parts in .pdf format (.musx format available on request)
  • Unlimited corrections for engraving errors
  • Option to include in the Online Catalog.

Okay, so how do we do this?

  • Fill out the info form below. Tell me about the piece of music you have for me and what your needs are - be as specific as possible.
  • I will send you back an estimate of what the job should cost. 
  • If you accept my estimate, I will get to work immediately!
  • I will send you proofs as soon as they are ready for you to peruse and inform me of changes/fixes that need to be made.
  • When your job is finished, I will send you an e-mail containing a link to your piece of music. You will be able to download it once you have paid!

Can I get a physical copy as well?

Absolutely! I am happy to provide high-quality printed copies of your music. Pricing will vary from piece to piece, so contact me for more information.

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Thanks for trusting me with your music!

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